Side projects

Video from NOVUSS: Preparation for the European Games Days festival

Presentation about Traditional Games in Muenster/Germany (2015)

Our friend Alexander Grozny at NOVUSS sent us a link to this video in which at minutes 3:23 is mentioned the preparation for the Eu.Games Days Festival in Narni. Thank you for sharing Alexander!
2015, April 20

XII Trophy of Pelota

Mancomunitat of Ribera Alta

Our friends of Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta sent us a Press review about their Trophy of Pelota during which they promoted and disseminated information regarding the Games,Net project. More infos and pictures at the following links:ó-xii-trofeu-mancumunitat-de-la-ribera/#
2014, November 06

Castles and Chateaux Event in Czech Republic

SEBU - Archery, knife-throwing and sword play

The Czech partner in the project - the Society of European Martial Arts took part in the traditional summer event called Nights of Castles and Châteaus and made a demonstration of archery, knife throwing and swordplay in the gardens of the Prague castle. They of course haven't omitted to mention the project and the upcoming competition.
2014, November 06

Bolos Serranos Summer Camp

Summer Camp for students dedicated to Bolos Serranos and other traditional sports

Link to the resume of events related to the Andalusian Bowling Summer Camp celebrated 7-10 August 2014.
2014, July 03