The Project

The Ga.M.E.S.Net project originates from the desire to exchange information and good practice and to compare the models /standards of good practice regarding the awareness and promotion of the traditional sports and games among European subjects and entities at various levels.

It focuses in particular on the historical and cultural common origins of the traditional sports and games in Europe, representing a fundamental part of the intangibile territorial heritage and an important symbol of the cultural diversity of our societies.

It is really important to share informations, models and good practices with the aim to identify common strategies to safeguard, promote and develop the traditional sports and game. Such actions are addressed in particular to young people (students, volunteers, atlethes, etc.) in order to ensure the transmission of such important cultural and social heritage to new generations of European citizens.

Communication and dissemination activities play a strategic role within the Ga.M.E.S.Net project. In particular, the use of the new information and communication technologies and of media tools of common use among young people are key instruments for the implementation of the project.

The main phases of the project are the following:


Creating a network on Internet

The Multifunctional website of the GaMES.NET project has been conceived as an instrument both for the internal communication among the partners and for the external communication to promote and disseminate the information regarding the Traditional Sports and Games.

The website features all the infos about the project, a presentation of the sports games represented by the Applicant and by the Partners, the details concerning the Competition addressed to young people, a list of the National Information Points established by each partner, the information regarding the main event, a Festival of Traditional Sports and Games which will be held in Italy in spring 2015.

Each Partner will have access to a Reserved Area through which it is possible to download and upload documents, access a forum with discussions, post pictures, videos and news.


Local Infopoints to promote and disseminate the net and the project

Each partner is responsible for creating and running a National Information Point. The aim of these offices are the promotion of the net on local basis. They have all the material and details regarding the project and can assist local subjects (either individual or associations, federations, etc.) interested in the project to get all necessary information. Please visit the section National Information Points for a list of all the local infopoints and their contacts and location.


Competition for a research project reserved to young European citizens

The "Ga.M.E.S.@Eu" contest is a competition reserved to young citizens of the European Union who are invited to conceive and develop a research project about the Traditional Games and Sports presented within the GaMES.Net program. The aim of the contest is to recognize and survey the common principles and the cultural diversities of various European countries, regions and districts through the analisys of local traditional Sports and Games.


European Ga.M.E.S.Days - Traditional Games and Sports Festival

"European Ga.M.E.S.Days" is the main event within the project. It will be held on May 23rd/24th 2015 in Narni, a charming medieval town in Umbria region, in the heart of Italy. The Municipality of Narni is one of the Partner of the project and the picturesque center of this old town will be the enchanting setting for a Festival featuring many traditional sports and games presented by the partners of the net.

As soon as the program of the Festival will be determined it will be available on the section of this website dedicated to the event.