European GaMES Days - Location of the Event

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The charming town of Narni is located in Southern Umbria, at about 100 kms North of Rome. It is perched on a steep slope and has very ancient origins, having been founded by Umbrians. It developed under the Romans along the Flaminia road: the imposing ruins of the roman Augustus Bridge can be admired in its surroundings.

The town expanded during Middle Age and is dominated by a massive fortress known as La Rocca.

Main sites definitely worth a visit are the Cathedral dedicated to San Giovenale, the tiny Romanesque church of Santa Maria Impensole and the imposing ones of San Francesco and San Domenico, the Museum of Palazzo Eroli housing the marvellous altarpiece "Coronation of the Virgin" painted by Renaissance Florentine master Ghirlandaio.

Another extremely interesting site to be visited is the Narni Underground, featuring hidden rooms, a chapel and a jail of the inquisition re-discovered by chance by a group of teenagers in late 1970’s.

Legend or truth: it is said that the fantasy saga of Narnia chronicles was inspired to its author C.S. Lewis by this village and its surroundings...

This enchanting center of the old town will be the picturesque scenery for the main event called "European GaMES Days".