Games - Tug of War

Game presented by : FIGEST - IT (Applicant) | Italian Federation of Traditional Games and Sports

Name: tug of war
Areas in which the Game / Sport is practised: all italian regions and many european countries
Type of Game: Game of strenghth
Number of Players: at least two teams of 8 players each, divided according to the total weight of the team
Playing field: outdoor on on ground/grass or indoor in gymnasium
Goal: pulling the rope in order to get all the members of the opponent team trespass the line marking the half of the playing field
Origins: very ancient, mentioned in documents of 2500 b.C.


Two teams are placed at both sides of a rope and pull the rope until one of the two teams succeed in getting all members of the opponent group trespassing the line marking the half of the playing field.

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Rules & Miscellaneous