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Game presented by : DNSV e.V. - DE | German Federation of Novuss-Sport

Name: Novuss
Areas in which the Game / Sport is practised: United States, Canada, Israel, Georgia, Ukraine, Australia, England, Russia, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Danmark, Norway
Type of Game: Game of precision and ability
Playing field: Played on the NOVUSS Board, can be played indoor or outdoor
Goal: The winner is the first one to succeed in sending all eight discs of the assigned colour into the corner holes of the board
Origins: The game was first played in Northern Europe, particularly Latvia and Estonia. The Novuss game was brought to the Baltic countries from Northern Europe by the seamen. Among the countries Germany and Sweden are mentioned.


The Novuss game is a board game played on a square board made of wood with holes at its four corners and placed on a stand. On the board are placed sixteen colored discs (named "pucks") divided into two different-coloured sets of eight discs each. Players must hit the disks with a cue stick in order to sink all eight discs of the assigned colour into the holes.

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