Games - Maillet Skittles

Game presented by : CNFR - FR | Federation of Rural Centers of Gers

Name: Maillet Skittels
Areas in which the Game / Sport is practised: South-western France
Type of Game: Game of precision and ability
Number of Players: Individual or teams of three players
Playing field: Hard and flat ground with a platform (usually in hard rubber) to place the skittles, a line (50 cms of width) marking the launching area, placed at 10 mts from the skittles
Origins: Existing for the 18th century, the “maillet skittles” was individually practised and was the object of bets with strong sums of money.


The ”maillet” skittles game can be plaid either by individual players or by two teams of 3 playerseach.
The players throw from a distance of 10 metres the wooden “maillet” (mallets) towards a platform on which stand 6 wooden skittles, with the aim of knocking down all the skittles except one (can be anyone of the 6 skittles) which has to be left standing. This can be achieved with one, two or three throws. If all the six skittles are knocked down the player looses the round and ithe team is stopped for the next three rounds. The player/team who succeeds in tearing down 5 skittles gets 1 point. The first one to score 11 points wins the game.

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