Games - Hoyetes

Game presented by : FADT - ES | Aragonese Federation of Traditional Sports

Name: Hoyetes (small holes)
Areas in which the Game / Sport is practised: Aragona (Spain)
Type of Game: Game of precision and ability
Number of Players: It is plaid individually or in couples; there's no limit to the number of players
Playing field: The table is placed on the floor, displaying the hole with highest score opposite of the launching area, which is set at about 3 metres from the table.
Goal: There are two games: reach a score amount or to cover all the holes with the sheets.
Origins: Unknown


Players throw small metal tiles similar to coins towards a board placed on the ground at 3 metres of distance from the launch area. The board has various holes, each corresponding to a different score. The goal is to reach a determined score or to fill in all the holes on the board.

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