Games - Game of Frog

Game presented by : CHAVES - PT | Municipality of Chaves

Name: Game of Frog
Areas in which the Game / Sport is practised: Played mostly in mountain areas in Portugal. Popular also in France, Belgium and South America
Type of Game: Game of precision and ability
Number of Players: As many who wants to participate
Playing field: Frog game board
Goal: Get the highest score
Origins: oots in fairs and Portuguese and European taverns. In situations was a charity game where the coins were donated at the end of the game. The amount of holes, size, table design and rules vary from region to region.


Board game in which players must throw som coins or small tiles on a board with 14/18 holes corresponding to different scores and a central hole representing a frog which gives the highest score. Wins the player who gets the highest score with six launches.

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