Games - Fiolet

Game presented by : FIGEST - IT (Applicant) | Italian Federation of Traditional Games and Sports

Name: Fiolet
Areas in which the Game / Sport is practised: Valle d'Aosta
Type of Game: Game of precision and strenght
Number of Players: There's a version of the game for individual players and one for teams consisting of five players plus 2 reserve per team
Playing field: Flat meadow with no obstacles with a lenghth of at least 150 mts.
Goal: Hitting the ball with the stick twice to throw it as far as possible from the launching basement
Origins: ancient origins


The game is played outdoor on a large field with no obstacles. It requires a wooden stick and a small egg-shaped wooden ball placed on a stone-basement. The player must hit the ball with the stick twice, the first time to lift it from the stone basement and the second to throw it as far as possible.