Bocci [ Malta ]

Il-Passju [ Malta ]

Hunting and Combat Trail [ various European countries and on other continents in different forms ]

Andalusian Bowling [ Spanish province of Jaén (Andalucia). Due to the inmigration, it is also played in other areas of Andalucia, Castilla la Mancha, Región de Murcia, Comunidad Valenciana, Cataluña and Aragón. ]

Dama [ Bulgaria ]

Modzrak [ Bulgaria ]

Palet Gascon [ South-West of France ]

Novuss [ United States, Canada, Israel, Georgia, Ukraine, Australia, England, Russia, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Danmark, Norway ]

Maillet Skittles [ South-western France ]

Valencian Handball [ Community of Valencia, similar games are known in some regions of France, Belgium and Spain ]

Hoyetes [ Aragona (Spain) ]

Game of Frog [ Played mostly in mountain areas in Portugal. Popular also in France, Belgium and South America ]

Fiolet [ Valle d'Aosta ]

Street bocci ball throwing [ most italian regions and many european countries ]

Tug of War [ all italian regions and many european countries ]

Horseshoe [ many countries all over the world ]

Mesh Game [ Portugal ]

Ruzzola [ all regions of Italy ]

Crossbow [ Various regions in Europe and all over the world ]