N.I.P. - National Information Point

Each partner of the Ga.M.E.S.Net project is responsible for creating and running a National Information Point. The aim of these offices are the promotion of the net on local basis. They have all the material and details regarding the project and can assist local subjects (either individual or associations, federations, etc.) interested in the project to get all necessary information. Here below you will find a list of all the local infopoints with their contacts and locations.

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» BULGARIA - Sofia

» CZECH REP. - Kladno

» FRANCE - Auch

» GERMANY - Koln

» ITALY - Macerata

» ITALY - Narni

» ITALY - Perugia

» MALTA - Malta

» MALTA - Zejtun

» SPAIN - Andalusia

» SPAIN - Aragona

» SPAIN - Gran Canaria

» SPAIN - Ribera Alta

» PORTUGAL - Chaves